„ Routemaker has been designed to help you to set the routes you want ”
What is it ?

Routemaker is a web application that helps you to set your routes.
It's simply sorting for you the holds you will need to set this route, allowing you to save time.
Then you simply have to set the route with the holds that it has prepared for you !

How does it work ?

Well that's a good question, we built it one of those dark stormy night, then suddenly, in between the screams of lightnings tearing down the skies... That's how it was born.
It appeared as a cloud of moving points with lines linking them all together, we quickly bottled it to preserve it from negative waves.
Once that was done, we uploaded the cloud in our cloud to serve our needs...

How to use

Simply use the interface that we've made...
Enter the grade of the route you want to set, the tilt of the wall (minus 90deg so a vertical wall equal 0deg) etc..
You can see it in action here.

About it

Routemaker Copyright (©) 2015 Cheeta sàrl All Rights Reserved.

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